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Cannabis Grinding Machines

The original plant to powder processing system.

MJ Pro-Grind System


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GMP Solution

Fully Integrated System

High Capacity

  • GMP grinding solution – fully cleanable with no painted surfaces.
  • Pharmaceutical grade machinery that is FDA ready – perfect for future proofing against future government legislation.
  • Dust-free processing for a better working environment.
  • Fully integrated and purpose built system
  • Various designs available including automated bag lifting for improved user welfare
  • Easy-to-use, clean and maintain
  • High throughput size reduction
  • Low temperature size reduction with optional enhanced cooling
  • Vacuum assisted product transfer for improved size reduction
  • Produces size reduced material ready for high quality extraction

Product Range

All sizes available with surge feed hopper and vacuum transfer for drum filling.

Optional features include: nitrogen injection system; pre-grinder for shredding of large feed material; and dust extraction.


Capacity to suit low scale production

Typical bud-to-powder capacity: up to 275lbs (125kg) per day

5” diameter grinder throat


Capacity to suit mid scale production

Typical bud-to-powder capacity: up to 1,100lbs (500kg) per day

8” diameter grinder throat


For maximum scale production

Typical bud-to-powder capacity: up to 2,200lbs (1,000kg) per day

12” diameter grinder throat


To improve the efficiency of the standalone cannabis grinder, add on either or both of the below products.


Cannabis Shredder

Incorporate a Shredder before the cannabis grinder for the pre-grind of buds, trim etc.

Vacuum Booster

Vacuum Booster

For maximum capacity and enhanced grinder performance, use a Vacuum Booster.


At MJ Pro-Grind we understand customization is key. That’s why we also offer stand-alone grinding solutions to our customers.

If you require a grinder-only option or need space saving solutions, we can offer bespoke equipment tailored to your needs.

Discuss your Grinding options with one of our experts today.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Cannabis Grinder GMP
QMS ISO 14001
QMS ISO 9001

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